For several years now, we have had a hot air balloon at MAES in collaboration with Fly the Sky! This is where we regularly give away free flights. Join our action on our facebook page now for a chance to win one of many MAES Balloon Flights!

Just what do you need to do to join our action?

– Definitely like and follow the facebook page
– Repost the message and add an original MAES pun
– Don’t forget to tag our facebook page and check your privacy settings so we can see your message. To be sure, you can always send us a private message with a screenshot of your post!’

What can you expect with a balloon flight from MAES & Fly The Sky?

We are giving away a balloon flight in our MAES balloon for one person each time. If you wish to book extra to bring one or more friends along, you can definitely do so! You can easily book extra seats via Fly The Sky. This will cost you €130 per person. For more information, click here. But what exactly can you expect if you win the prize?

Once you have been declared the winner of our MAES Balloon Flight, we will give you a gift voucher for the flight with Fly The Sky. You can then contact them to discuss further details.

What exactly is in store for me at the balloon flight?

Surely you can reckon that this activity lasts 3 to 4 hours. First, of course, you will be greeted by the pilot and his crew. You will get a short briefing and can then, if you wish, help prepare the balloon for take-off. Then you will take to the air and will be able to enjoy the incredibly beautiful view for about an hour, possibly with a glass of champagne. Afterwards, the pilot will initiate the landing and, if you want to return, you can help pack up the balloon.

Is ballooning safe?

Yes, there is no need to worry. Balloon flights have proven to be very safe over the years. Fly The Sky’s pilots are also experienced pilots who fly a quality, annually inspected balloon. As the MAES balloon flight can only take place when weather conditions are safe, you are always assured of a safe flight.

Can anyone participate in the competition and especially balloon?

You can only participate if you are of age or have parental consent. It is also important that you join the action and like our Facebook page! Only then will you be eligible to win the competition. In addition, anyone can enter the hot air balloon. Only children must be over 1m25 and of course accompanied by an adult. However, we strongly recommend pregnant women to postpone their balloon ride to a later date.

When can the MAES balloon flight take place?

As soon as a date is set, the pilot and crew will check the latest weather conditions. If you have an appointment for an evening flight, the pilot will only be able to confirm with certainty whether the flight will take place around 14-15h on the same day. If you have a morning flight then you can expect this phone in the evening before. Earlier is not possible because they have to take into account the latest meteorological data for safety!

It is important to know that balloon flights always take place early in the morning or at dusk. The reason for this is the phenomenon of thermals, which are rising warm air bubbles. A balloon that ends up in such a slack air layer becomes unmanageable. At dawn and dusk, the sun has less power and these vortices disappear. In winter, this phenomenon is completely absent and we could pretty much sail all day, only then the temperature is not there.

Where to meet?

Departures will always take place in the Waasland region, at their fixed take-off sites (Waasmunster, Stekene, Moerbeke, Sint-Niklaas, Berlare, Destelbergen, Lochristi,…). The pilot chooses his own take-off site depending on the wind direction. There is a possibility that we take off at your location, but this is only possible if you book a full basket yourself (i.e. from 5 people upwards). Of course, there must also be no restrictions in the airspace where you want to fly, so over Zaventem, for example, is obviously not an option. In addition, they then need a space of 50m by 50m without obstacles and with permission from the owner of the space.

Where will we land and how do I get back after landing?

We can estimate in advance, based on the wind, where we will land approximately. But we can never be sure of the exact location. We always ask passengers to provide a support vehicle to follow the balloon. We can guarantee you that this too is an experience in itself, so your family and/or friends can follow the balloon flight from the ground! Transport back can always be provided, but this does incur extra costs.

What clothes should I wear?

Dress comfortably but with sturdy footwear! For the ladies, they recommend definitely not wearing high heels! In addition, you definitely shouldn’t dress too warm either, the balloon floats with the wind, so in the basket you won’t feel any wind. The burners also partly radiate some heat downwards, so it is usually a bit warmer there than on the ground. A jumper or jacket for after landing in the evening can be pleasant, though.

What if I am afraid of heights?

A question that is of course common, but as crazy as it sounds usually you are not too bothered by vertigo in the balloon, even if you are prone to it. This is because vertigo usually occurs in places where there is contact with the ground. For example, when you are standing on a ladder or tower, there is contact with the ground and you suffer from vertigo there, but since there is no contact with the ground, most people do not suffer from this in the balloon.

Can I take photos and/or film on the MAES balloon flight?

Of course! You can even share your photos and videos with us! We even recommend making sure to provide enough storage capacity & batteries, because the view is photo worthy!

Can I smoke in the balloon?

An hour in the air is a bit long for some smokers, which is why they get this question regularly. And rightly so, as they fly on propane gas, smoking is strictly prohibited. Once they have landed, you can of course smoke your cigarette, but at a safe distance.