Who can apply for an intervention from the Heating Fund?

People with a low income can apply for intervention from the social Heating Fund. The price of gasoil, lamp petroleum and propane in bulk has risen in recent years. Although it is still significantly lower than the price of natural gas and electricity, this is still a serious piece out of the budget.

The Social Heating Fund is available for people who are in a difficult financial situation. This fund was initiated by the PCSWs (OCMW), the government and the petroleum sector and can partially intervene in the payment of the heating bill. In certain cases, the Social Heating Fund intervenes with people who use the following fuels to heat their homes:

  • Bulk gasoil
  • Propane gas in bulk.
  • Domestic heating oil at the pump, bought in small quantities (5l, 10l,…) jerry cans and used for kerosene heaters.
  • Lamp petroleum (type C) at the pump, mainly used for petroleum heaters bought in equal quantities (jerry cans of 5l, 10l, …)

Of course, not every user of the above fuels can make use of the Social Heating Fund. Only the following groups can invoke this:

  • People with limited income
  • Persons with debt burden
  • Persons entitled to increased insurance benefit from health and disability insurance

How much is the intervention from the Heating Fund?

The support has been increased. Find out more here.

Would you like more information?

If you are eligible for the support measure of the Social Heating Fund, you must contact your local PCSW (OCMW) office within 60 days of delivery or purchase. You can also consult the information on the following website: www.verwarmingsfonds.be.