Safety tips for using your car in search for snow

January 16 was the day of the snow. Unfortunately, the Belgian weather has decided not to celebrate this year. But because many of you can’t miss the snow and visit the mountains every year for winter sports, we thought we’d give you some useful tips when you us your car in search for some fun in the snow! We take a look at what you definitely need in the car for our neighboring countries, to safely go on the road and some other useful tips!

Met je wagen naar de sneeuw?  Lees dan volgende veiligheidstips.

Keep the following rules in mind and you’ll get to the slopes safely!

We start with some basic, but the most important standard rules. As soon as you enter a snowy area, slow down, keep your distance and drive as carefully as possible. That is, no sudden accelerations, sudden changes of direction or sudden braking. Each action must be as measured as possible. These rules will get you far, but we would like to go into more detail below.

Some useful tips if you use your car in the search for snow

Plan your route well in advance and provide an alternative route. Especially useful if they predict difficult weather conditions on your first route. Be sure to check the weather forecast and also keep an eye on the local radio. Also be sure to anticipate by taking enough water and some snacks with you if you have to stop somewhere for a long time. Be sure to put some warmer clothing in the car, easily accessible, and clothes for everyone. An ice scraper and antifreeze are certainly not a superfluous luxury, but also consider a shovel and / or brush in the trunk to remove any snow. Be sure to check the windshield wipers, check whether the car lighting works and whether there is enough spray liquid with antifreeze in the reservoir. Be sure to check your tire pressure, especially with winter tires.

Did you know that you can check the tire pressure at many of our stations? And that you can go to our shop for some tasty snacks, ice scrapers, antifreeze, …

Be sure to check what is mandatory in the countries you cross. From yellow vests, snow chains to winder tires. In some countries it is mandatory to have snow chains in the car and to use them when indicated. This is indicated in good time with a blue sign with the symbol of a tire with a snow chain. So be sure to check per country and also per region through which you are driving whether you must have them in the car and when you must install them.

A handy tip is also to practice at home, so you already know how to do it before you have to do it in the cold. Also note that there is a speed limit throughout Europe of 50 kilometers per hour with snow chains. In addition, you should also check where you need a vignette everywhere, such as Austria & Switzerland. Handy to buy this in advance, so that you don’t lose any extra time along the way. Do you use a roof box? Make a note of the total height of your car, so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises in underground parking spaces.

In short, a lot of small handy tips that ensure that you get to the slopes safely. From then on it’s up to your skiing talent.