The gap between gas oil and natural gas continues to grow

Energy prices continue to rise and while gasoil is not spared, it still turns out to be an economical fuel. But why is there such a big gap between  gas oil and natural gas? We explain it to you.

How does the gap between gas oil and natural gas exist?

Energy prices continue to swing through the roof and gas oil is not spared either. On January 1, 2022, the official maximum price for 2,000 liters of gasoil (50 ppm S) was €1,506, for the equivalent of 2,000l of gas oil, the natural gas user (depending on supplier & region) had to pay €3,436 in the Flemish Region (engie Easy rate variable, grid operator Iverlek), €3,669 in the Walloon Region (rate Engie Easy variable, grid operator Ores Waals Brabant) and €3,527 in the Brussels Region (rate Engie Easy variable, grid operator Sibelga). In total, this is an additional cost of €1,930, €2,163 and up to €2,021 respectively.

If we compare the prices with the other fuels, we see an even bigger difference outside the Pellets. Pellets seem to be the cheapest solution. Propane is not doing very badly with only €900 more expensive. Natural gas is already at least twice as expensive and the prices of Electricity depend on peak and or off-peak hours, but are already quite high. The price of gas oil may have risen slightly. Although, it is still one of the cheapest fuels for heating your home. Yet since January 1, the government has banned the replacement of a fuel oil boiler or a new purchase.

Simulation based on the prices on 01/01/2022 Fuel oil: invoice for 2,000 liters of fuel oil – official maximum price gas oil heating 50S, deliveries 2,000 liters (source: FPS Economy)

Pellets: invoice for 4,256 kg of pellets (equivalent to 2,000 liters of fuel oil) pellets in bags (min. 1 pallet) – delivery included/max. 30 km (source: Natural gas: invoice for 21,282 kWh natural gas (equivalent to 2,000 liters of fuel oil) Engie Easy variable rate, grid operator Iverlek (source: Propane: invoice for 2,924 liters of propane (equivalent to 2,000 liters of fuel oil) official maximum price for propane, deliveries 2000 liters (source: FPS Economy) Electricity: invoice for 17,440 kWh electricity during off-peak and peak hours (equivalent to 2,000 liters of fuel oil) rate Engie Easy variable, grid operator Iverlek (source: 1 liter fuel oil (Hs)=10.641 KWh natural gas (Hs)=8.72 kWh electricity=1.46 liter propane (Hs)=2.12 kg pellets (Hs) All prices include VAT