QuizMAESter coming soon

Because of the fact we will launch our quiz through QuizMAESter soon, you will learn on the road! Everything is possible with MAES! From now on, your knowledge will be tested on both our gas stations and social media. We have prepared useful tips and safe facts in quiz format and we will be testing you soon!


What does a 2 euro piece have to do with the tread thickness of my tire, why should I buy a yellow vest for lying in the sun in the south of France, why would I need an alcohol tester if I don’t plan to drink on away to Paris?

You will soon receive an answer to all these questions via quizMAESter. This way you learn while you fill up the car or while you are scrolling on your social media. At MAES, we want you to be on the road safely at all times, so that’s why we are going to soon let out our quizMAESter on you for the coming period. Do you want to have an advantage over your friends? Then take a look at our blog page: the MAES tips can not only make you win the quiz, they also ensure that you can always get on the road safely!