In the coming period you will be tested via the MAES quizMAESter about your knowledge of safety while driving or during refueling. We will gauge your knowledge through a few fun quiz questions! We let out our quizMAESter and he will quiz you on both Social media and during your refeuling. Would you like more information about the questions and answers of the QuizMAESter? Then you’ve come to the right place.

ROOF BOX for light or heavy matters?

When you travel, you often have to start puzzling and stacking first. The trunk quickly starts to be very full and then a roof box is a handy rescue! But the roof boxes are often used for heavy objects that are difficult to stack and that is not always the best. It is best to place the lightest things in your roof box, this to keep the center of gravity of your car as low as possible. Otherwise, this can be detrimental to the handling of your vehicle. In addition, divide the weight as evenly as possible. Still have fairly heavy material? Then place it as close to the roof racks as possible.

Also see that you do not give the objects too much slack, only have some small objects in the roof box? Then fasten them well or, for example, put old clothes between them so that they cannot shift too much. Be sure to check the roof load of your car in the manual. Once you have arrived, it is best to get all the material or certainly the valuable material from the roof box. That box is easier to open than the car and thieves are everywhere!

PAUSE every 2 or 4 hours?

Provide a break every 2 hours during a long car ride. Even if you’re not really tired yet. After 2 hours your attention starts to drop and it is best to put your car aside. This certainly does not have to be for a long break, just stretch your legs and get some fresh air. It makes it more pleasant for everyone and obviously a lot safer!

Check tire pressure regularly

Check the tire pressure regularly, the correct pressure can always be found in the manual or on the fuel valve. If you want to check the pressure it is important to know that you always do this with cold tires. When you drive the temperature of the tires increase this also means that the pressures increases. However, the check must be carried out on cooled tires. Have you just been on the road, then wait an hour or 2 before checking it.

Are you going for a long drive and driving a well-loaded car? Then put some extra pressure in it. This way you can always safely enter the track.