You will soon be paying mobile at all MAES gas stations

Can you leave your wallet at home when refuel? If it depends on MAES Energy & Mobility, yes you can! We are currently developing an app that will allow customers to pay mobile in the entire MAES network. The smartphone is the payment method of the future and we don’t want to be left behind. We are happy to tell you how cardless refueling works in practice.

mobile payment

Let your employees pay mobile

All owners of the MAES fuel card for companies will soon have the option to refuel via their smartphone. Since the refeuling of employees are all put on the company account, their fuel card serves purely as identification. Our app takes over that task and recognizes who is at which gas station. The fuel card will not disappear quickly from the scene, but mobile payment is a handy extra for those who prefer to release the pump from in the car. Do you also want to give yourself or your employees this convenience? Request the MAES fuel card for companies free of charge.

Pay mobile & without cards: also for private individuals

Private individuals naturally also benefit from this innovation. If they install the app and attach their bank details to it, they no longer have to get their bank card at the pump. The only condition for doing this is that the user has at least 125 euros in his bank account. Then it’s just a matter of selecting a pump, refueling and getting out.

Mobile payment in practice

Via geolocation, the app knows which gas station the app user is at and which pumps are currently available. The user can then indicate and release a pump of choice. After the refeuling, he will immediately see a transaction receipt on the app. The payment can be found automatically in the payment overview of the individual or employer. It is intended that the app also knows which car, and therefore which fuel you are driving, so that only the pumps that offer your fuel appear on your screen as available.

The quickest and most affordable refueling in your area

In the course of 2021, mobile payments can therefore be made in all gas stations managed by MAES – that is almost 300 throughout Belgium. As a result, as a car driver you enjoy a lot of comfort, because you no longer have to get out of your car to select a pump, you immediately have an overview of the available pumps and you no longer lose any time with the payment. A smooth refueling experience is therefore guaranteed. The fuel discount that you receive via a MAES fuel card is of course always applicable when you pay with your smartphone.