Inflate your tires at MAES!

You can find tire blowers at many of our stations (+140!). Ideal to quickly inflate the tires if they are a bit flatter. Tire pressure should be checked regularly, it is of course safer but also more economical if your tires have the correct pressure.

Importance of tire pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is paramount for both vehicle efficiency and road safety. Driving with the correct tire pressure yields significant benefits, particularly in terms of fuel economy. When tires are properly inflated, they minimize their contact area with the road surface. Consequently, this reduction in contact leads to decreased friction, resulting in lowered fuel consumption.

It’s worth noting that regular tire pressure checks are strongly advised by most car and tire manufacturers. This recommendation holds especially true for frequent travelers or those carrying heavy loads. Monitoring tire pressure once a month ensures optimal driving conditions and extends tire longevity.

Cooperation with AirServ

To support drivers in maintaining their tire pressure, our stations have partnered with AirServ. Through this collaboration, we offer tire inflators at numerous locations. This partnership enables easy access to tire inflation services, contributing to safer and more efficient driving experiences. However, to sustain and manage this service across multiple sites, a nominal fee of one Euro is required to utilize the tire inflators.

Other facilities at the MAES stations

Beyond the fact that you can inflate your tires at our stations, MAES stations offer an array of additional facilities. Aside from the diverse range of products available, many gas stations feature convenience stores. Moreover, select locations boast car wash facilities, providing customers with a comprehensive range of services to meet their automotive needs.

In summary, maintaining the appropriate tire pressure not only improves fuel efficiency by reducing friction but also significantly contributes to road safety and extends the lifespan of tires. The collaboration with AirServ ensures convenient access to tire inflation services across our stations, while our additional facilities aim to enhance the overall customer experience.