How does MAES prepare for the future?

The European Parliament voted this summer on a new regulation that will prohibit the sale of new cars that run on petrol or diesel by 2035. The beginning of the end for fossil fuel engines. Is MAES ready for this?
The first high-speed chargers have been installed, at least 100 of these chargers will be installed until the end of next year, spread over our locations throughout Belgium

Snelladen MAES

First off, it’s important to know that after 2035 you can still use the petrol pumps with your car. It only concerns a ban on the production of new cars. The measure is one of many being taken to achieve the environmental targets to be climate neutral in Europa by 2050. When we remove these combustion engines, hydrogen and electricity mainly come to the fore. How does MAES anticipates this new regulation?

What steps is MAES taking to prepare itself for the future?

At MAES we have been working on offering alternatives to the regular combustion engine for some time now. With our Hybrid Card, we have an alternative for our regular fuel card that already is future-proof. With the MAES Hybrid Card you can charge your car on a vast network spread across Europe. But you can still enjoy the same benefits of the regular MAES fuel card. Good for electric cars, but perfect for hybrid cars.

And what about our own gas stations?

Of course we also have to look at the future of our own 300+ locations where you can always go to for a range of products at the pump. For our own locations we have been working for some time now to also offer alternative fuels that are already making a difference. In addition to the now more well-known CNG, LNG & LPG, we also have HVO-100. This biofuel for diesel engines is a drop-in product that can be put in your car and ensures an 80-90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

But you will soon be able to go to many of our own stations for electric charging. At MAES we are now working on installing fastcharging stations at a number of our locations. These charging stations ensure that in a few minutes your battery has enough energy. This in order to be able to get back on the road without any worries. The first high-speed chargers have now been installed, and we project  that by the end of next year at least 100 of these chargers will be installed, across our own network.

Climate neutral driving

When you think of climate neutral driving, you often immediately think of major investments, especially if you have a larger fleet under your management. But MAES also offers an alternative solution for the future. This allows you to drive climate neutrally overnight withouth major investment . Possible with regular diesel and petrol cars.

You can simply subscribe to our option to drive climate neutrally. From then on, we will ensure that your emissions are compensated by investing in climate-friendly projects. For a small extra cost, we take care of the administrative hassle and you can drive climate neutrally overnight. Good for the environment, but also for your image!