Help improve our MAES application

Our app has been around for a little over a year now. During that period, our fuel card users were able to use the app to find and navigate to the nearest gas station and start refeuling. Recently, the MAES application has also been made available to private individuals. As a result, you can, in brief, register a bank and/or credit card instead of their fuel card and use it to refuel via their mobile. We silently launched this feature a few months ago. And now we are curious what you think about this.


MAES application – Feedback

Whether you refuel with your MAES fuel card or your bank or VISA card, or you only use the application as a station finder, we are always open to your feedback. We are also curious about people who have installed the application, but have in time uninstalled it. What exactly was the reason why you would rather get rid of the app? Only with such useful information can we improve the app together.


So if you have a few minutes to spare, fill in the questionnaire below and together we will make our app an even more functional and handy app that indeed can become your travel partner for the road!