First aid for refuelling

Safety is paramount in these surely bizarre times. We realise this all too well at MAES. That is why we installed a EHBT stand at all our stations. This is a dispenser with alcohol gel that allows you to disinfect your hands before and after refuelling.


Slowly we are crawling out of the valley we have been in since the Corona crisis. It has had an effect on the day-to-day life of all of us. But little by little, our routine is resuming and we can get back to ‘normal’ life. A normal life in which safety and health will play a primary role even more than usual. This, of course, also applies to MAES and that’s why we introduced our first aid for refuelling.

Now that we are all driving back to work or even able to leave on trips by car, there will also be more refuelling. To offer our customers more safety, we have put up an EHBT (First Aid for Refuelling) dispenser at every petrol station. This dispenser offers our customers a very high-quality hand gel free of charge.

Not a watery liquid that dries out your hands, but a top-quality hand gel that meets the strictest requirements when it comes to disinfecting your hands. This way, you can disinfect your hands before and after refuelling/paying and you no longer have to worry about your hand hygiene.

In this way, MAES wants to ensure you fill up safely and drive safely. You can find even more tips for being safe on the road here. An overview of where to find all our stations? You can do so via our station finder.