Discover what else MAES has in store this year

With summer in full swing, we at MAES are eagerly awaiting the exciting plans we have in store for the rest of this year. At MAES the wheels never stop and we would like to include you in the fun projects we have plannend.

The growth of our ultra-fast charging infrastructure

The popularity of electric and hybrid cars continues to grow steadily. In order to stay in line with this trend, we will continue to work on the further expansion of our ultra-fast charging stations. These charging stations make it possible to recharge enough. And this in just 10 to 20 minutes, to get back on the road again for hundred of miles.  With this we want to offer a worthy alternative to our traditional filling stations.

At the moment there are already about six locations with ultra-fast charging stations. However, we have big plans to install no less than a hundred of these stations at our stations in the short term! This initiative will further facilitate and accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

Expansion of HVO tank locations

In addition to expanding our charging infrastructure, we are also focusing on increasing the number of locations where our biodiesel HVO is available. HVO is a renewable diesel fuel made from residual waste, which contributes significantly to the reduction of our ecological footprint. In addition, HVO can offer a possible solution for diesel vehicles with EURO 5 or EURO 6 engines, which do not pass the inspection due to problems with their particulate filter.

Curious about the possibilities of HVO for your vehicle? Discover more about the benefits and applications of this sustainable fuel here.

A New MAES App For Individuals

The trusted MAES app has been around for some time and has helped us quickly and easily find petrol stations, plan routes and fill up immediately upon arrival, with minimal time investment.

However, based on valuable feedback from our customers, we decided to review the app. This is how we want to improve the experience for everyone. We understood that the integration of both payment methods (fuel card and bank card) could be confusing. In addition, not every bank was compatible with mobile refueling.

For these reasons, we decided to split the app into two separate versions. For example, holders of a MAES fuel card can continue to use the trusted app. However, a new app is also being introduced for users with a bank or credit card. This separation allows us to further optimize and improve both apps.

We look forward to sharing these developments with you and working together on a sustainable and user-friendly future for mobility.

Now your are all up to date on what MAES has in store for you the rest of this year!