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MAES Energy & Mobility is more than just petrol stations. Of course we have our deliveries of all kinds of fuels to companies and private individuals. But we have also been running a few shops at petrol stations ourselves for years. It was recently decided to expand this number of shops. We operate these shops under the name L’Unique.

These shops are inextricably linked to our petrol stations. Because wherever you find a shop, you will also find a gas station. In the recent past we have opened new shops in Minderhout and Maillen and soon we will (re) open shops in Tervuren, Sauvenière and Haine St-Paul, .. An overview of all the shops that we currently operate can be found here!

We try to turn our shops into local shops. This way you can not only buy the traditional products; think of drinks, snacks, newspapers, .. but we also try to offer products that you need every day. Think of all kinds of cleaning products, toilet paper, greeting cards, and so on.

Are you also curious about what exactly you can buy in one of our shops?
Do not hesitate and go there for a long time! Via this link you will find all our shops with their addresses.