CORONA : precautions when refuelling

For your health and the health of others …

As part of the necessary preventive measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the sector federations feel it is important to point out some basic precautions that you, the customer, should take when refuelling:


Mind the following CORONA precautions while refuelling:

General precaution: ‘Social distancing’ precautions also apply when refuelling – respect this rule (minimum 1.5m distance) with petrol station staff and in relation to other customers

When visiting a petrol station:

  • if possible, use available disposable gloves when refuelling; if not possible, use your own paper or a paper disposable handkerchief
  • do not stay longer than necessary in the petrol shop. Preferably wait your turn outside until the previous customer has left.
  • pay in the shop preferably, also for small amounts, with a payment card;
  • when using a payment terminal, avoid direct finger contact with the keyboard.
  • petrol station shops have taken additional hygiene measures. Regular disinfection of payment terminals and frequently touched surfaces; regular hand washing and disinfection for staff;
  • petrol station shops continue to respect normal opening hours as much as possible.

In addition to these precautions when refuelling, of course: be sure to use common sense and to use our first aid for refuelling stands!

Source/Author: Johan Mattart