CARaoke: With MAES On the track!

Often on the road often means the same radio station. This means the same programs, voices, music and worst of all the same commercials. At MAES we know that it can sometimes be a bit monotonous if you are often in the car. Hence we now have the brand new MAES Spotify list, with the best songs for on the road.

You may have already seen it on the screens in our stations, MAES CARaoke, where we are happy to invite you to sing your heart out while refueling. Admittedly, we understand that you prefer to wait until you are safely sealed off in your car. That is why we have also created the MAES CARaoke spotify list. A nice list full of top music for on the go. Because, with MAES on the road, it is fun on the road!

We will regularly update the MAES CARaoke list with the best songs for behind the wheel, hits of today with also a blast from the past, something for everyone! Would you like to have your favourite song on the list? Below you can leave all your suggestions, or visit our FB page and let us know!

- MAES CARaoke -