Promaz fund for the soil remediation of contaminated soil

As of 28/02/2022, the soil remediation fund was established under the name Promaz. The Promaz fund helps people who have to remediate soil contamination caused by a leaking gasoil tank. Since the latter can be very expensive, the fund was set up to financially support the affected people. The Promaz fund was established by the sector federations Brafco, Energia & informazout.

People who have to have soil remediation carried out or who have had it carried out in the past can claim financial assistance (or reimbursement) from the Promaz fund. The registration period for submitting a file runs for 3 years from the date of publication in the Belgian Official Gazette.

How to register?

You can already take a look at You find more information there. Registering is also possible, in order to receive a reminder email as soon as you can submit the application. In a few weeks’ time, the website will also allow you to check whether you actually qualify for the Fund’s aid. If that is the case, you will immediately be able to fill in an online application form, after which you will be contacted by the employees of Promaz for further processing of your registration. You can also always leave your details below and you will also receive a notification from us as soon as you can submit the application.

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