Gasoil vs. gas

Are you renovating, building or does your boiler need to be replaced? And are you unsure between gas oil or natural gas? Then we will list all the benefits of petrol or gas oil below.

Gasoil vs. gas: price

We will start with the most important thing right away. Although both products are relatively cheap, you do have one strong advantage when purchasing fuel oil. You can decide for yourself each time when and from whom you will buy gas oil. The price fluctuates regularly and if you keep an eye on it you can decide for yourself when to make the purchase. Sometimes the price is a lot lower and it is the ideal time to refill your tank. In addition, you can also work with a different supplier every time. This way you can always choose the cheapest one. But rest assured, at MAES we always provide a competitive price and fast delivery!

Gasoil vs. gas: safety

Below 55 ° C it is non-flammable, which ensures that this is a safe product, this also ensures that there is no risk of explosion and the chance of CO2 poisoning is much smaller, even minimal compared to natural gas or propane gas.

Getting the product easily

With Gas you have to check whether you have a natural gas connection in your street, because it’s not always there. Something you should not worry about if you choose gas oil. Gas oil suppliers are also spread throughout Belgium in terms of delivery, so you always have someone close to you who you can contact.

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