Check of €225 for gasoil users

The preliminary draft of the law was approved on Friday 01 April. In the meantime, the allocation modalities for the check of 225 euros for gasoil users are being further elaborated. The one-off and fixed check will only be awarded to physical users who made an order of gasoil or propane in bulk. This between November 15, 2021 and November 15, 2022.


Any person domiciled in a single-family house or an apartment can apply for the premium. There is only going to be the one check per household domiciled on the same adress. The premium is therefore not intended for legal entities or second residences.

How will the premium be arranged?

The FPS Economy is currently developing an online application module together with an explanatory note for the procedure to be followed.

They provide for the payment and verification of the applications submitted online. They will provide the verification of the application and the payment.
Any person who wishes to apply for the premium will hereby have to submit a copy of the invoice, proof of payment of the invoice via his/her account number, together with his/her national register number. It is therefore important to keep the invoice as well as the proof of payment, until the law can be published in the Official Gazette. Expected is that everything will be operational by the summer of 2022. It is important that the gasoil and propane distributors are not authorized to deduct the premium of 225 euros from the invoice themselves. You will always have to follow the procedure of the FPS Economy.
You can always keep an eye on our site or the site of BRAFCO for further updates. If you would like to be kept informed, you can also leave your email address below.

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