Why should you drive carbon-neutral?

At MAES we try to offer as many alternatives as possible for the future. In addition to our MAES Hybrid card, our project to install fast chargers and our Mobility Card, we now also have the option to drive carbon-neutral. In concrete terms, you pay a little extra per liter for the latter and we ensure that your CO2 emissions are fully compensated. Fuel is already quite expensive, so why pay more for it? With this article we will give you some reason for choosing this option.


Green image

Responding to the wishes or requirements of customers and clients are the main reasons why many companies take this step. Climate change or “Global warming” are terms that we hear more and more around us. The climate problem is increasingly in the news and more and more companies and organizations want to take action. If your company can show that not only is it aware of this situation, but you also take action against it. It can give you a better image towards customers, clients or other stakeholders.

You can show them that you are not the problem, but that you are contributing to the solution. The certificate that you receive after agreeing with this option can be used in al sorts of communication with said stakeholders, and that can make all the difference. And that importance will only increase. For larger transport companies, it can be an extra asset, so that their customers can say that their products are delivered in a carbon-neutral way.

Low-threshold solution in a day

The option Carbon neutral driving is very accessible. By this we mean that you can enable this on a small scale. For example, you can choose to do this for only one fuel card, or for X number of liters. You can therefore already enable this in transport for example, for one customer. Further on, you can then scale up step by step if you wish. You can also enable it a day. As soon as you make the decision, you can let us know, you indicate for which fuel cards or the number of liters and we will do the rest. All your consumption from the next day will be taken into account.

To drive carbon-neutral as one of the many measures

To drive carbon-neutral is ideal to use as one of the many measures. You can of course transfer your entire fleet and then you know that all your emissions will be compensated. However, you can also use it to a limited extent and deploy it together with other climate-friendly solutions. Such as coaching your drivers to drive economically and use better planning to keep the routes as climate-friendly as possible. You can activate the Mobility Card so that some of your staff can use public transport. And you can use the Hybrid Card to charge them electrically, even at our stations! You can see, at MAES we have a range of products to ensure that together we become part of the solution, no longer the problem.