What is professional diesel?

For some years, professional users have been able to request partial recoveries from the excise tax increases on diesel. First, they must first apply for this and, as usual, this is not always done. For example, professional diesel users are still missing a fair amount of euros.

Diesel Supremium

Cliquet System

The Belgian state has created a cliquet system that ensures when the diesel price drops, they can increase the excise taxes. Since they do not want to charge this excise increase to the professional user, these users can receive a discount on these increases. Since there have already been a number of excise tax increases, the amount that the professional user can claim back has already become enormously attractive.

How to claim this reduction on the excise tax increase?

Since 2009, you can reclaim this discount on a monthly basis under certain conditions. One must first register and not every user is aware that this is possible. Given that the excise taxes have already been raised several times, this is certainly worth the effort. At MAES we can inform you about this and help you to recover this.

Who is eligible?

Everyone who has a vehicle of more than 7.5 tons, taxis and buses are eligible. Even though you are not a carrier, you use the truck to transport your own goods.

How much can you reclaim?

From the first of January 2023 you can recover €0.0604384/litre. This is an increase compared to the previous 2 years (€0.2269716/l in 2022 and €0.2476158/l in 2021).

How can you reclaim?

On this page you can find additional information and also find the steps to easily request everything. If you have more questions, you can always contact us.