What are the characteristics of Supremium Diesel?

Those who pay attention to their diet and eat as healthy as possible immediately notice a difference. Slightly less sugar, and you immediately have less energy dips. Using less saturated fats does wonders for your cholesterol. But do you know what your car is getting? The type of fuel there makes a world of difference just as much – not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of economy and power. One diesel fuel is not the other, but with the Supremium Diesel you are playing for sure.

Diesel Supremium

A thoroughly cleaned engine

You may think that fuel is only used to make your car bulge. Although that is of course the main task, diesel also performs many other functions. For example, fuel engineers have succeeded in developing the Supremium Diesel after extensive experiments with formulas and ingredients. It cleans crucial parts of the engine and simultaneously lubricates the fuel system. This way you protect the engine against corrosion and extend your life span, just by driving your car. Supremium Diesel contains an extra amount of cleaning additive and is designed to remove sediment from your engine, so that you keep the ‘heart of your car’ clean.

A clean engine is an economical engine

That you are enjoying your engine with Supremium Diesel and that it will last longer, is of course a great advantage. But did you know that a clean engine is also a more efficient engine? The less polluted your car engine, the better it performs and the more power you can use as a driver. More power means more driving pleasure, while lower fuel consumption is obviously good news for your wallet.

Still some advantages of Supremium Diesel

Furthermore, thanks to its high quality Supremium Diesel succeeds in bringing down your fuel emissions – where you in turn make the environment a great pleasure. And one more bouncer for those who are bothered by the noise of his or her motorcycle: Supremium Diesel reduces your engine noise so you can ride in comfort.

You read it: diesel engines have undergone a complete evolution in recent years, but diesel fuel has certainly not been left behind! Do you want to pamper your motorcycle and make it easy for yourself? Then quickly request a MAES fuel card.