The danger of smoking at petrol stations

Smoking at petrol stations poses a combustible risk that cannot be underestimated. The combination of flammable fuels, such as petrol and diesel, with the flames of a cigarette can lead to catastrophic consequences. It may seem obvious not to smoke near a place full of flammable substances, but unfortunately some people still ignore this warning.

No smoking at petrol stations

The possible consequences of smoking at petrol stations

One of the biggest dangers of smoking at petrol stations is the possibility of a fire. Petrol and other fuels evaporate easily, making even small amounts of vapour a potentially explosive mixture. Lighting a cigarette, or even just smouldering it, can be enough to ignite these vapours, with far-reaching consequences not only for the smoker himself, but also for everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Can smoking even cause a gas station to explode?

Theoretically, a petrol station can explode if the fuel vapours come into contact with a cigarette. However, it is true that to minimise the risk of explosions, petrol stations are built to strict safety standards. They are equipped with various safety features to reduce the risk of accidents. Systems such as pressure relief valves, fire extinguishing systems and leak detection systems. Moreover, petrol stations are regularly inspected to ensure they comply with applicable safety regulations.
Still, it is better not to take the risk. So never light a cigarette near or at a petrol station! Better still, do not throw away your smouldering cigarette near a petrol station either; make sure it is completely extinguished!