Sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels

Higher energy & fuel prices are “fueling” the debate about independence from fossil fuels. Of course, a climate-neutral society does not come overnight. Thanks to subsidies and regulations, the government is encouraging some alternative fuels such as electricity and CNG. At first sight they are of course a lot more climate friendly than, say, petrol. But if you look at electricity and electric cars, for example, they are only climate neutral if the electricity comes from green energy, and that is not always the case. In addition, it also immediately requires an expensive investment to exchange your car or fleet immediately. Another alternative solution already exists, but is currently not supported by the government, namely the renewable diesel HVO.

Renewable diesel as alternative for fossil fuels

The organic diesel fuel HVO, hydrogenated vegetable oil, is a renewable diesel that can reduce CO2 emissions by 90% compared to conventional diesel. The product is made from residual products from the food industry and is therefore not only better for the environment in terms of emissions, but also ensures processing of waste. Win-win, it seems to us, but not yet for the government. HVO has the same excise duty as regular diesel. Since the production process is more expensive, this also means a higher price at the pump. While other products like CNG receive government support, HVO is completely overlooked. But although CNG emissions are praised, people often forget the emissions that are released during the production and transport of natural gas. And with HVO, the creation is another positive part, because you remove waste!

Don’t change the car, change the fuel

We will not dispute that electric cars could be the future. But at the moment it is not possible for everyone to just make the switch. So we have to search for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Most alternatives to fossil fuels, that are now supported by the government require you to change your car. The rules that punish polluting cars have just the same effect. Change your car or you are no longer allowed to enter a city with said car. But not everyone can just buy a new car, so “Don’t change the car, change the fuel“. Support for alternative fuels, for which you can still use the same car, may help to achieve the climate goals. But the government has to agree.

Choose HVO as one of the alternatives to fossil fuels

HVO can offer one of the solutions in this regard. It is a drop-in product, which means that you can continue driving around with the same car, but can reduce your emissions by 90% from one day to the next. Without government support, this remains an expensive solution at the moment, but with support it would fit in perfectly with the range of alternatives to achieve the climate objectives. And if the sector sees that the government is jumping on the bandwagon with climate-friendly alternatives in fuel, they will also be more inclined to invest more in this and find even more alternatives.