Open letter to the public on fuel deliveries

Show understanding and respect for our drivers!

For more than three weeks now, fuel dealers and their drivers have been working from early in the morning until late in the evening to deliver heating fuels to customers, in addition to fuelling stations. Not only fuel oil, but also propane gas and solid fuels. This is because the companies in the sector and their employees do not want to leave anyone out in the cold. Drivers in fuel distribution are in direct contact with customers. With the corona virus spreading rapidly, these heroes deserve respect and appreciation for the work they do. Indeed, at the risk of being infected themselves, they continue to perform their duties professionally, leaving no one out in the cold.

Brafco, the Federation of Fuel Traders, therefore asks in this open letter concerning fuel deliveries that due respect be paid to these heroes, who are hardly in the limelight but play a crucial role in supplying the country and the comfort of its people.

Hence the following appeal:

  • Give them a warm welcome;
  • Allow them to wash their hands if asked;
  • Respect social distancing rules during delivery;
  • Facilitate their access to the tank/delivery site;
  • Ensure tanks in the basement or garage are fully accessible;
  • Pay via bank card if possible (instead of cash payments)
  • Be patient and understand the often long delivery times.
Indeed, fuel traders must also give priority to emergency services, hospitals, health centres, retirement homes, public buildings… but also to families and single people who have run out of fuel.

Given the situation and its evolution, we request understanding for these priority deliveries. Within this framework, we ask households that have not run out of fuel and do not have an immediate need for the ordered product to exercise some patience and also be understanding in this respect.

Finally, Brafco would also like to reassure consumers that there is NO shortage or scarcity. The refineries are operational and there is sufficient supply.
We thank you for understanding and for respecting our drivers. Keep it safe!

Source/Author: Johan Mattart