New truck station in Londerzeel and new CNG locations

At MAES we always try to expand our network so that you never have to go far to fill up your car! Thats why we always want to add new locations to our network.

new truck station

Our new MAES truck station in Londerzeel has been open since last week so that you can easily refuel Diesel and AdBlue with your truck here! This new truck station is situated at Nijverheidsstraat 9, 1840 Londerzeel.
In the second quarter of 2020 our customers can also get LNG and CNG at this location, further information will follow.

LPG is a completely different fuel than LNG-CNG. LPG is a mixture of gases that is produced as a residual product from oil refining. CNG / LNG are natural gas products, whereas CNG is a product for passenger cars, LNG is for trucks. It is important to know that you cannot exchange the products. A car for LPG cannot therefore refuel with CNG or vice versa.

Our fuel card network was immediately expanded with four IDS locations (suitable for trucks):

And six CNG locations: