As of january 2021 we will have a new location where you can go for HVO. In addition to MAES Ruisbroek (truck) and MAES Londerzeel (truck), you can now also visit MAES Deinze.

MAES CleanDiesel (HVO)

What is HVO at our new location again?

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) is a second-generation biodiesel made from waste products and fats from the food industry. Today it is the most sustainable fuel for diesel vehicles on the market, with an impressive 89% less CO2 emissions, 30% less particulate matter and 9% less nitrogen oxide compared to regular diesel.

Why did we add a new location?

Although HVO is currently the more expensive brother of regular diesel, we at MAES believe enormously in the product and therefore opened a new location. Given the difference in impact on the environment, it seems to us the diesel of the future. The product is relatively new. But is steadily gaining popularity and the more people use it the faster the price can go down. Certainly if politicians also start to support the product.

It is important to know that the product is a drop-in product, which means that it can be used with your regular diesel as an additive or as a complete replacement. Be sure to take a look here to see if your car can process this product without any problems.