HVO tested by Snel Logistic Solutions and DAF Trucks

HVO is a brand-new sustainable fuel made from waste and residue streams that is a fully-fledged alternative to fossil diesel fuel. One look at the figures shows that the carbon footprint of HVO is a lot smaller than that of regular diesel: HVO l emits up to 89% less CO2, 33% less particulate matter and 9% less nitrogen. Another big advantage is that your car does not need to be modified to run on HVO. You simply add this sustainable alternative to your regular diesel, or fill up your entire tank with it. To find out how this innovative product performs in practice, MAES entered into a partnership with Snel Logistic Solutions and DAF Trucks. Thus, within this test project, a brand new DAF CF is currently running on HVO.

Leader in environmentally friendly fuels

HVO consists of a so-called second-generation biofuel, and we are rightly proud the HVO is now tested by Snel Logistic Solutions and DAF Trucks. This means that the product is obtained from residual waste and not from foodstuffs. So we are sure that HVO does not burden our planet unnecessarily and is a big step in the right direction. Biodiesel fits perfectly within a more sustainable lifestyle. This with end customers in particular placing increasing importance on the purity of their entire supply chain.

MAES can call itself a real frontrunner in the field of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives. This not only thanks to the launch of HVO on the Belgian market. Before that, we were one of the very first to make AdBlue and CNG available.

Joining hands with Snel Logistic Solutions and DAF Trucks

Snel Logistic Solutions and DAF Trucks strongly believe in HVO as an alternative to fossil fuels. The first company will therefore run its DAF trucks on HVO for three months so that it can compare its consumption and emissions with those of its other vehicles, including 3 LNG vehicles and 147 other diesel vehicles. At Snel Logistic Solutions, by the way, they simply refuel HVO on the business park. This is as MAES installed a 10,000-litre tank there and provided on-site delivery.

A bright future for HVO

At MAES, we are confident about the results of the project to get the HVO tested. We therefore hope that the Belgian government will support this product. As well as other alternatives, and that more companies will want to join this story. By consistently seeking alternatives to the (finite supply of) fossil fuels, together we can reduce our ecological footprint.
Would you like to know more about this project? Consult the DAF Belgium website.