How does CO2-neutral driving work?

With CO2-neutral driving, MAES has a solution to immediately drive C02-neutral in one day, without major investment. In concrete terms, you can indicate for how many litres, or for which fuel card or car you want to drive CO2-neutral. MAES will then, in collaboration with our partner Climate Neutral Group, ensure that the CO2 emissions of the agreed fuel are compensated, from production process to emissions. But how does this work and can you trust it? Discover the effect of C02-neutral driving with MAES below the photo.


Recently, the media reported that some airlines offering a similar service were criticized for the projects they were working with. For example, trees were indeed planted, but in a region where forest fires and forrest clearing took place, whether illegal or not. For example, the CO2 that your flight emitted remains in the atmosphere for a long time, but the forest for which you donated can no longer exist after a few years. As a result, the promised compensation does not actually take place or does not take place at all.

Quality and control is therefore extremely important and we rely on our certified partner Climate Neutral Group for this.

The carbon credits that are offered come from effectively achieved and proven CO2-reductions. That means it doesn’t count on reductions to be realized in the future.

Climate Neutral Group receives a mandatory audit of  Climate Check every year. A globally recognized expert in climate protection. The external audit of CNG is because CNG is a member of ICROA, (the International Carbon Reduction & Ofsetting Alliance) a non-profit organization within the IETA (The International Emissions Trading Association). IETA is a partner of the United Nations. In this way we can say with certainty that this extra investment does have its proven usefulness. That means that you can contribute without worrying about the quality and with the amount you are comfortable with.

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