Fuel quality

Is there a big difference in the quality of the fuel in a brand A or B gas station? We have encountered this question several times in our inbox and on the internet. And does brand A have the same high-quality fuel in all its locations or can this also differ?

Kwaliteit brandstof

It is important to start with the given that the fuel, stations and pumps are checked on a regular basis. This is to ensure that they’re always of a good quality. This fuel must comply with all kinds of European directives. In addition, we can quickly throw out the myth of the difference in quality.

Because most brands purchase their fuel from the same depot and from the same tanks, including brands A and B ūüėČ. So there won’t be much difference here. Some companies do add extra additives, such as SHELL with their V-Power, but the basic product always remains the same high-quality product.

At MAES we always ensure that you get high qualitive fuel. So that you can always refuel without worrying. This high-quality fuel can be found in all our stations, whether you fill up at our SHELL stations, ESSO stations, OCTA + stations or at our MAES petrol stations!