Fuel filter clogged

A fuel filter ensures that no dirty particles enter the fuel pump and injection system of the engine unhindered, so make sure it is not clogged.

When do you have to replace the clogged fuel filter?

Best that you have this replaced during the annual maintenance. You can of course also do this yourself. This way you always ensure a clean filter and prevent any damage. If the filter is clogged, you can recognize this by the following symptoms:

  • Engine starts poorly or not or stops while driving
  • The engine control light comes on
  • Engine performance decreases significantly
  • Motor jerks when pedal is pressed.

 Can you replace the fuel filter yourself?

You can always have this done by the garage, but actually replacing the filter is usually not that difficult to do, although this of course depends from car to car. Usually the fuel filter is fairly easily accessible. With a diesel car, you can remove the clogged fuel filter from the engine compartment. Then you just have to remove the sensor and disconnect fuel hoses or their clamps. Gasoline filters, on the other hand, are usually installed at the bottom of the vehicle or in the engine compartment, but are always located along the fuel line. You usually don’t need any special tools with either.