Fast chargers of Sparki and MAES

In collaboration with partner company Sparki, MAES recently opened a brand new charging station at MAES Deinze. This charging station offers ultra-fast charging options, allowing drivers to travel hundreds of kilometers again within 15 to 20 minutes. The opening of the charging stations was attended by, among others, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and Minister of Finance Vincent Van Peteghem. This collaboration between MAES and Sparki is just the beginning, as another 100 new ultra-fast charging stations are expected in 2023.

MAES Snellladers

New fast chargers of Sparki and MAES

In addition to MAES Deinze, charging stations have already been installed at ESSO locations in Destelbergen, Beveren and Wilrijk. Sparki, which focuses exclusively on the Belgian market, is slightly less than half owned by the government. This involvement of the government is a result of the ambition to stimulate electric driving. To support this transition, investments also had to be made in an extensive charging network. The collaboration between Sparki and MAES, with their ultra-fast charging stations, was therefore considered the ideal solution.

Ultra-fast charging with impressive power:

Fast charging with the chargers of Sparki and MAES, starts at a capacity of 50 kilowatts. However, the MAES and Sparki charging stations have at least six times more capacity. This means that drivers can charge up to 80% of their battery in just 15-20 minutes, depending on the charging capacity of their vehicle. This makes charging electric vehicles faster and more efficient than ever before.

A future-oriented vision:

Our introduction of ultra-fast charging stations is an important part of MAES’ vision for the future. The company not only wants to continue offering traditional fuels, but also embrace alternative fuels such as electric charging. The partnership with Sparki and the choice for ultra-fast charging stations fit in seamlessly with this vision. Our aim is to get drivers back on the road quickly. While at the same time contributing to more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.

The opening of the new charging station with the fast chargers of Sparki and MAES at MAES Deinze marks an important step in the future of electric charging in Belgium. In collaboration with Sparki, MAES offers ultra-fast charging stations that make it possible to drive hundreds of kilometers again within minutes. With the ambition to realize another 100 new charging stations by 2023, MAES and Sparki demonstrate their commitment to the growth of electric charging in Belgium.