Everything you need to know about AdBlue ™

AdBlue is a very easy to use and harmless substance. It is not a fuel nor an additive for fuels, but a urea solution that is refilled in a special AdBlue tank of trucks, vans, buses and recently also in passenger cars. Discover it here!


How do you fill your tank with AdBlue ™?

This additive can be stored in a separate tank. There must therefore be refueled separately. Either that happens with jerry cans, water bottles or other small packages, or via a second refueling at the pump. Do you have a fleet and are you afraid your employees will lose a lot of time in this way? No worries, at MAES you have nothing to fear with its service:

  • The additive tank is at your company’s premises. Your drivers no longer lose valuable time.
  • MAES takes care of the (automatic) supply of your tank.

How much does that cost?

You choose which option suits your company best, MAES does the rest. We take care of the installation, free of charge. The price per liter of AdBlue ™ is also printed by an interesting agreement for three or five years.


Good for the environment

Thanks to this additive, your diesel car will take a much lesser burden on the environment. Diesel engines with AdBlue comply with European emission standards Euro IV and above. The consumption of AdBlue ™ for an average fleet is up to 5% of the diesel consumption.

Depending on the driving conditions (city trips, weather) it is possible that the AdBlue reservoir is almost empty. This is indicated via a message on the on-board computer or with a tell-tale light. Fill the reservoir in time. This way you avoid problems when driving.

Interested in our AdBlue ™ services? Contact us soon and we will help you!