Do modern diesel cars still have a future?

The range of new cars will change completely in the future. Where diesel and petrol cars used to be lord and master, we are now going to switch to electric vehicles, among other things. Although the European government has slightly reversed the ban on the production of combustion engines after 2035, the step towards alternative fuels seems to have been fully taken. Does one of the “worse” students of the past decades, the diesel car, still have a future?

Polluting old diesel engines

If you are still driving an older model diesel car, you will have noticed it by now, you are no longer allowed to enter a large city. Or you will have been told at the car inspection that you must install a particulate filter. The older diesel engines were quite polluting and had high emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This was because the combustion of diesel fuel in these engines was not efficient enough, resulting in unburned hydrocarbons and soot particles ending up in the exhaust gases. But is this still the case?

The future of modern diesel cars

The manufacturers of diesel engines have already taken a lot of steps. You will see that you are currently allowed to enter everywhere with a EURO 6 diesel. This is because the emissions of these engines have already improved a lot. The modern diesel engines are considerably more economical and environmentally friendly than the older models. This is due to the introduction of advanced technologies such as direct fuel injection, electronic control systems and advanced exhaust systems.

An important advantage of modern diesel engines is that they have a higher efficiency. This means they can cover more miles on the same amount of fuel. In addition, modern diesel cars have also become much cleaner en will improve in the future. By introducing advanced exhaust gas systems, the harmful substances in the exhaust gases, such as CO2, are greatly reduced. This means that modern diesel cars are much less polluting than the older models and this will keep evolving in the future. In addition, there are also options to replace traditional diesel with e-fuels or biofuels.

The future

Diesel engines have come under fire in recent years for their emissions of harmful substances. However, it is good to see so much progress being made in environmentally friendly diesel technologies.

So let’s not forget that diesel technologies still play an important role in our modern society.  Moreover, they have the potential to become much cleaner and more efficient.