Different kinds of fuel for your car

Looking for a new car and are you curious about what types of fuel you have? Do you choose petrol or LPG or do you simply not know at all which fuel to choose? We give you a brief overview here.

You can choose a car that runs on traditional fossil fuels: natural gas, petrol or diesel, or you can choose a car that runs on hydrogen or electricity. If you mainly look at the impact on the environment or the climate, you can go to this article

Which fuel should I choose? There are al lot of different kinds of fuel you can choose from. We are happy to list them for you:

  • Petrol:

Often for short trips on the road and do you not do too many kilometers annually? Then a petrol car is probably the best for you. Especially since they get up to temperature faster, they are better for short trips. Maintenance and purchase are also usually cheaper than with its counterparts.

  • Diesel:

If you do some more kilometers in a year and you mainly drive on highways, then a diesel car will suit you better. They have a lower consumption and last longer on average. They are slightly more expensive than their petrol counterpart and take a little longer to get up to temperature, making them less suitable for short distances. Although they have a bad reputation for the climate, this is certainly far from the truth with the latest generations.

  • Hybrid:

Do you often drive in the city and short distances? Then a hybrid car could be something for you. At low speed you consume the electricity and when you have to drive a little faster, the fuel engine jumps in. Once you use the latter one, it will also recharge the battery. You can also opt for the newer plug-in hybrid so that you can plug it in and it has a higher range. They are of course slightly more expensive than their more traditional diesel and petrol partners.

  • Electrical cars:

Often described as the car for the future and is certainly interesting if you have to travel short distances or if you live in a city, for example. They are ecologically the best solution, although you should always check whether you are using green electricity, otherwise they are a little less attractive for the climate! You can simply charge it at home or via one of the charging points. With our Hybrid Card you can enjoy a network of +200,000 locations spread across Europe.

  • Gas-powered car LNG / CNG:

These have less polluting emissions and are cheaper at the pump. You also have a great radius to drive. The installation is quite expensive as a start-up cost. Although, given that it is cheaper at the pump, you ensure a cheaper option in the long term. But especially a cheaper option if you are going to drive several kilometers. This seemed like the solution to reduce your ecological footprint and was also not too expensive. However, recent studies show that this fuel is also reasonably polluting for the environment, thanks to the extraction.

And we are happy to tell you that MAES can be your partner for all of the above kinds of fuel. With our fuel card, hybrid card, our new app that is arriving and at the station itself for different kinds of fuel. We try to ensure that as many products as possible are available in as many locations as possible.