Diesel fuel of winter quality: the characteristics

Anyone who walks around in summer clothing during the winter will immediately notice: not a good idea. Well, that also applies to diesel. Do not drive around in the winter with summer diesel. Not healthy for your car, nor for your wallet. Read: if you fill up with diesel in September, make sure it is used up by November. And opt for diesel fuel of winter quality. Here a word of explanation about the possible consequences, and how to prevent them.


What happens to ordinary diesel at cold temperatures?

Just as water hardens at freezing temperatures, diesel of summer quality will also crystallize. The result: the diesel becomes viscous and clogs the fuel filters, so the engine no longer gets fuel. The engine is then ‘gelled up’. Particularly annoying, because you will not get much movement in your car during the freezing days. In addition, the damage costs can be high.

Diesel fuel of winter quality: no crystallization

In the case of winter diesel, the floc point is lowered, so that the diesel does not crystallize. Winter diesel exists in a number of classes. In addition, a distinction is often made between winter diesel and polar diesel, which also remains usable at arctic temperatures. With winter diesel you never have to worry: your car just stays bulbs, and there is no damage risk.

Fuels Maes: the right diesel at the right time

At MAES you can sleep on both your ears. We replace the normal diesel in time with diesel of winter quality. The only point of attention: make sure that your tank with summer diesel is definitely empty when the first freezing temperatures arrive. That seems obvious, but is often overlooked by occasional drivers.

What about fuel oil?

In Belgium, more sulfur (50 ppm) may be used for heating with fuel oil / gas oil, and this is less cold-resistant. A product that we also bring to the market, Gas Oil Extra or winter fuel winter quality, does have a cold resistance of the winter level. Here too: make sure that your tank with summer mist is certainly empty when the first freezing temperatures are coming.

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