Currently, natural gas is about 60% more expensive than heating oil

Energy prices continue to rocket and heating oil is not spared from this either. Currently, with today’s price (09-12-2021), the official maximum price for a delivery of mazout is just over €1,500 (VAT inc. – most environmentally friendly/expensive gasoil diesel = sulphur content max 10 ppm).

If you compare that to natural gas, you see a huge difference and see that natural gas is clearly more expensive than mazout. For the equivalent of 2,000l of mazout, natural gas users currently pay an average of €2,300 (Engie eletrabel Easy tariff, grid operator Iverlek – price depends on region/supplier). That is already a difference of €800.

So it is clear that especially in these more expensive energy times, heating oil is still vital to keep energy somewhat affordable. Just now, some politicians want to ban citizens from replacing their heating oil boiler from 2022 if a natural gas connection is possible. By doing so, they rule out one of the cheaper solutions for a lot of countrymen.

Indeed, from 01 January 2022, it is no longer possible to replace your fuel oil boiler if there is natural gas in your street. You may still have the boiler repaired, but replacement is no longer possible within 3 weeks. People without natural gas in their street will still have.