Check this if you are travelling by diesel car

The summer holidays are almost halfway and traveling by diesel car is one of the most popular ways to travel, especially now with all the problems at the airports. Most of you have already traveled by car and often use a list of things that they should not forget. Things they want to get in order in advance, things they need on the road and things needed on location. But one thing many drivers who are travelling by diesel car seem to forget: checking the AdBlue level of the car.

Travelling by diesel car? Then you can find some useful tips here.

Problems due to not topping up with AdBlue are more common than you think.

According to VAB, there is a quarter more breakdowns with people travelling by diesel cars. This is because they had not checked this and left. So don’t forget to check the AdBlue level of your car. They often do this in the garage during maintenance, but you can also easily check and refill this yourself!
You can always wait until the warning light of your AdBlue gage comes on. But you then risk this light coming on, when you’re already on your road trip. Obviously you can refill AdBlue at your destination, but it is something you don’t have to do regurarly and while it’s easy to do, it can be a bit trickier doing it in a foreign country. But it is easier to check this at home and top up if necessary. You can drive through your garage for this, but usually you pay an extra cost here while topping up is very simple.

Get your AdBlue from MAES!

At a large number of our gas stations you can get this in the shops or even at the pump. When fill up, it’s recommended to fill it up for at least about 4 liters, although this depends from brand to brand. You can always find the correct information in the manual or at your garage. It is important to know that the AdBlue filler cap is not located next to the diesel fuel cap on all models. Sometimes you can find it under the hood or in the trunk. Again, needed information is available in your manual or by contacting your garage.

Is your warning light coming on?

Suppose the light comes on when you’re on the track, don’t panic right away. It doesn’t work as fast as the fuel situation. When the AdBlue light comes on, you often still have a while, although it is of course recommended that you refill it soon. Often the warning lights work in 3 phase. White or neutral means that you can still drive a good 2,000-3,000 km before the AdBlue is used up. Yellow or orange light is the 2nd phase and this usually comes on when you can only drive 1,000 km. If the light turns red, you do have problems and the reservoir is empty. You may not even be able to start the engine once it has been turned off and you risk damaging the engine if you continue to drive it.

Top up AdBlue? Here you can find the nearest station.

Click here to find the nearest AdBlue location.