What different fuel cards are there?

We now have a wide range of fuel cards available at MAES. Not sure which is the best option for you? We highlight the importance differences below.

Our traditional MAES fuel card:

Our best-known card is the MAES fuel card for companies and the self-employed. You can request this for free and you will not get any annoying fine print. The MAES fuel card is a multi-brand fuel card, this is due to the fact that we have entered into various partnerships with our competitors. This allows you to refuel with your MAES fuel card at more than just our own stations. And the customers of these competitors can turn to our own stations. Some examples of this are: ESSO, SHELL, TEXACO, OCTA +, PMO, BRUNO G&V, HAAN,… with 1700 locations spread across the Benelux, you can almost speak of a universal fuel card. You can take a look at the complete network here

Our new MAES Hybrid Card:

Since the end of 2020 we also have the MAES Hybrid Card in our range. This allows you to enjoy all the useful benefits of our regular fuel card, but you also have extra access to a network of more than 200,000 charging points throughout Europe. Unlike our regular MAES fuel card, this card is not free and you do pay a monthly (low) rate and transaction fee for it. In addition to our fuel card network, you can also charge electrically at these locations

Our premium fuel card, the MAES Mobility CARD:

We also have a premium card in our portfolio. You can compare this card with a VISA card and there is also a small monthly cost per product that you want. This card can do a lot more than just refuel, you can take public transport, pay taxis, pay tolls & parking, travel internationally, reclaim foreign VAT, … So you get a lot of options. These are not free, but you only have to pay for the options that you activate yourself. Currently, you can only refuel on our own network of 300 locations.

Prepaid / gift card:

Yet another of our fuel cards is our prepaid card, or also known as the MAES Gift Card. Are you looking for a gift for your brother, sister, employee, and can’t get any further than a pair of stockings or a scarf? Then you can just have them refuel for free. You choose the amount yourself, top it up via our fuel card service and you can give the card as a gift. If you would like to have your payments in hand, you can also use them as a prepaid card, so you will never be faced with surprises. You can only use this card at our own stations.

Smart Reporting:

You already have our last card in your wallet. If you haven’t heard of Smart Reporting yet, this should sound a bit strange. But Smart Reporting actually means that you simply fill up with your bank card at our stations and that we can always send you an invoice via the Smart Reporting system. You just need to register your bank card and of course refuel with us!

Our fuel cards beneficial?

Fuel cards are handy tools to get your invoices easily and clearly. Moreover, a fuel card is fiscally advantageous for employees and employers (link to benefit in kind). Let’s take a look purely at the price. Here there’s no big difference between what you will pay with your fuel card or debit card. At MAES we always succeed in offering a competitive price at the pump.