Be extra vigilant for skimming

We would like to draw your attention to skimming and ask you to be extra vigilant. This act of criminal violence means that payment data is copied without you knowing it.

What is skimming? 

Now, what i skimming exactly? Skimmers work in different ways. For example, they can place attachments on payment terminals with which they can read the magnetic strip of an inserted payment card. In addition, they intercept the PIN code in various ways. For example, they can install a small camera above the keyboard to retrieve your PIN code.

How to prevent?

Do not use payment terminals that look different. If you notice something strange, you better cancel your transaction. It is also advisable to shield the keyboard with your hand when you enter your pin code. Do not let yourself be distracted while entering your code and do not respond to help from people who want to help you with debit card payments.

What if you fell victim to skimming?

If you come across skim equipment, you should immediately notify the police. If you suspect that your fuel card has been skimmed, please contact us immediately.