MAES teams up for a mobility card

MAES introduces its new mobility platform and installs electric charging stations

MAES Energy & Mobility, provider of filling stations in Belgium, will launch in June 2018. The MAES Mobility Team employees of this family company’s brand new division are fully dedicated to facilitating mobility in the broadest sense.

XXimo app

Part of the range is the new MAES Mobility Card, for which the company has teamed up with market leader XXImo. Employees can use this card for every purchase they make on the road: from refuelling to electric charging, from parking fees to paying for an Uber or eCab in Brussels, but also for SNCB or De Lijn tickets. The MAES Mobility Card can be used throughout Europe, if authorised by the employer.

Companies that provide the card to their employees can use their own portal to determine exactly which functions are allocated to each cardholder. Since all mobility costs – including the VAT paid – will be listed on a transparent invoice, the card will lower the administrative burden immensely. Accounting will no longer have to collect and process all kinds of separate tickets.

Cardholders will also have access to the practical Milo app. In addition to paying for taxis, parking and public transport by mobile phone, this app also provides up-to-date travel advice based on the cardholders’ agenda, their preferences and the current traffic situation. Milo always suggests the best routes and the most suitable means of transport, taking into account any delays and diversions in real time. For example, if the app spots a traffic jam, it will suggest you leave earlier or choose another mode of transport.

Mobility of the future

Dirk Maes, CEO of MAES: “As a supplier of filling stations and fuel cards, we too know that today’s and tomorrow’s business mobility consists of much more than just refuelling. With this new card and our new mobility platform, we are taking a permanent step towards a broad, flexible and transparent business mobility range. This allows us to meet an essential need of our customers.”

Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo, has a lot of respect for the successful family business and the step they are taking towards expansion and digitisation. “By launching the Mobility Team and Mobility Card, MAES underlines that it is a real partner to its customers. MAES helps them get a better grip on the mobility costs of their employees. We also ensure that the entire administrative process runs fully automatically and digitally.”

Installing charging stations

In addition to creating a new mobility platform, MAES is installing charging stations at various MAES filling stations, where both private individuals and holders of the MAES Mobility Card can charge their electric cars. Dirk Maes explains: “Belgium suffers from a huge shortage of electric charging stations. This keeps many companies and individuals from switching to electric cars. Today, we are committed to promoting this aspect of sustainable mobility as well through our extensive network of filling stations. We have recently equipped our Esso filling station in Aartselaar with its first charging station and several stations will be added in the coming period.”

MAES BlueDiesel: Less CO2 and particulates

MAES introduces MAES BlueDiesel, an HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, second-generation biofuel) made from waste materials (e.g. used deep-frying fat). Its main objective is a 89% reduction in CO2 and a 33% reduction in particulates. As of 1 June, MAES fuel card customers can already fill up with CNG at more than 40 stations.

About XXImo

Founded in 2011, XXImo offers its users a digital platform on which they can plan, manage and pay for all forms of business travel. XXImo’s objective is to make mobility easy. Not just for travellers but also for the employees tasked with the financial processing of the expenditures. XXImo offers solutions for

  • refuelling,
  • billing, car and bicycle sharing
  • and paying road tolls and parking charges,

while giving users maximum convenience in using public transport or taxis and booking meeting rooms, hotels and flights. XXImo provides the intelligent Milo app for planning, making transport choices and optimising journeys. All transactions performed via XXImo are shown on a single detailed invoice, which employers can use for their VAT returns. XXImo customers can specify online where the card may be used and what for. Furthermore it sets expenditure levels and regional limits for each type of transaction. XXImo’s shares are held by Tendris Holding, Sodexo and management.

About MAES

The MAES Energy & Mobility family business was founded in 1965. It is the leading expert in the field of energy and mobility and currently engages in three core activities:

  • Direct B2B and B2C supply of fuels and lubricants,
  • a private network of 125 filling stations
  • and a proprietary fuel card.

The MAES fuel card is already accepted at more than 1700 filling stations in the Benelux. In addition, MAES offers every type of fuel. So besides diesel and petrol, they also offer LPG, CNG and electricity. MAES is a specialist in AdBlue(r), which is supplied from many of its own filling stations. It is also specialist in bulk or via the AdBlue Proximity concept. The MAES Mobility Card is the most recent step the company has taken. It allows to combine market leader XXImo’s platform with the MAES network and service.