Fuel card for several brands: yes, that’s possible!

Refueling in Belgium, that is choosing from a wide range. Whether you do that as a private individual or as a company, l’embarras du choix remains the same. Quickly suffer from choice stress? Then we will gladly help you. Because be sure: the one fuel supplier is not the other. There are big differences in terms of price, quality and service. And the range of possibilities is already daring to differ. At MAES you can simply fill up with several top brands at the same time. How so? We explain that.

carte carburant plusieurs fournisseurs

The great partner network of MAES

Let’s get rid of a myth for the world: MAES is no longer a regional player. While we initially operated only in the province of Antwerp, we now have gas stations across the country. With our dozens of petrol stations, we offer you a modern and extensive network of self-service pumps. Easily accessible, along major roads throughout Belgium.

In addition, with a MAES fuel card you can go to your own stations at partner gas stations such as Esso, G & V, Bruno group, Uhoda Octa + and PMO, a total of almost 700 stations! You read that well: at MAES you automatically have a fuel card for several brands. Handy!

Check the map to see where your MAES fuel card is accepted.

Fuel card for multiple brands: beautiful perspectives

The MAES network is already very large thanks to the many partnerships. But it can always be better, of course. MAES is a fast-growing company, and we continue to negotiate with partners to enlarge our network. That way you always tank around the corner.

Also abroad

And what about abroad? Good news: you can use your fuel card in Belgium and at MAES partners in the Netherlands. Ideal for businesses just above or just below the Moerdijk! And refueling in Luxembourg will soon also be possible.

Want to know more? Discover all possibilities!