What does a fuel card tailored to your company mean?

Whether you employ ten or a hundred and ten employees, you want to keep them happy and run your business as efficiently as possible. With a fuel card you catch these two birds with one stone. In contrast to payments with cash (which are accompanied by receipts, which in turn are sometimes lost), payments with a fuel card allow you to have an immediate view of the tank behavior of employees. Such a card registers every refueling electronically. If you opt for a MAES fuel card, you also give yourself many other benefits as a gift.

Everything for administrative simplification

A tailored fuel card is above all synonymous with administrative simplification. You do not have to work with receipts for the deduction of VAT, but receive two invoices a month. This immediately means that your employees never have to deal with a refusal at the pump: you simply pay all refueling twice a month. Moreover, you can perfectly map the consumption of several cars. Finally, a fuel card is of course the best way to do safe transactions at the pump.

A MAES fuel card: strong conditions

Whether your company cars need Eurosuper, Superplus or Diesel: you can always contact MAES. In addition, additional products are available in many of our stations, such as AdBlue, petroleum, gas oil, LPG and CNG. Also not unimportant: a fuel card from Maes offers exceptionally strong price conditions. The card itself is completely free: you are not surprised by hidden monthly or annual costs.

Your company never stands still

Commercial vehicles are the engine of your business. They help your employees to get to the office quickly and easily reach their customers. With a MAES fuel card, tailored to your needs, you can now visit an exceptionally large network of more than 700 filling stations, spread throughout the Benelux. Thanks to this extensive coverage your employees always have a petrol station in the neighborhood. That way they will always keep moving, and by extension your company.